Quartz, Byssolite

Zeballos, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Size: 7.4x6.1x6.8 cm
Largest crystal size: 67 mm


Here is a cluster of several super sharp, well terminated, crystals showing inclusions of the acicular amphibole, byssolite. The elongated crystals show a frosty transparent tip with the lower two-thirds displaying dense forest-green interior phantoms. There is more of a tan or straw colouration nearer the base of the crystals due to oxidization. The crystals show more of a shine on one side and are more matte on the "back". Not uncommon the for these bigger specimens the base has been sawn. This is an excellent example for the locality and displays well.

The specimen comes from a newer, lesser known locality near Zeballos on Vancouver Island, British Columbia; the deposit is in a contact skarn. The crystals are often colloquially referred to as"forest quartz", due to the mossy appearance of the byssolite inclusions, making it easy to visualize a pocket of these crystals in the beautiful rain forest of B.C. Currently all collecting on the the claim has been halted pending the outcome of a court action by the local indigenous band. This makes it unlikely that we'll see new material coming from this locality any time soon.

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