Recent Activities

We are fortunate to undertake some interesting activities from time to time in our travels and mineral collecting projects. We thought that you might like a glimpse of our “Recent Activities”.  This way we can share share some of our experiences with you. We hope that you find the entries entertaining and/or useful.

The Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum

by David K. Joyce Bisbee is a famous mining town, once a major source of copper metal. The area was discovered as a copper rich […]
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Collecting Quartz Epimorphs near Patagonia, AZ

by: Daniel and David Joyce We have been to an area near Patagonia, Arizona several times searching for quartz crystals. We've found many quartz crystals, […]
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Bentley Lake Magnetite/Ilmenite

A year and a half ago (hard to believe!), Chris, Matt and I visited the famous ilmenite and magnetite location that is located adjacent to […]
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Safford, Spring, 2022, for Fluorescent Chalcedony/Opal

I visited this locality with the D'Oliveiras a few years ago. There is another Recent Activity installment on that memorable trip at, if you'd […]
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Washington Camp, Arizona

The "Washington Camp" mining area is famous for a number of mines, particularly the Duquesne and Holland Mines, amongst others. The deposits in the area […]
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Patagonia-Gringo Gulch Area Quartz

The town of Patagonia is relatively close to my Vail, AZ home and, so, it is an area that I often visit or pass through. […]
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Iron Cap Mine, 2021, 2022

My highly competent collecting friend Chris Rayburn and I visited the Iron Cap Mine during 2021 and 2022. We enjoyed our first trip there in […]
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Cobalt-Gowganda Trips, Fall, 2022

This fall, I made two trips to the Cobalt-Gowganda areas: one with Normand Breton and the other with both Normand and Daniel Joyce. We visited […]
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Recent Activities - Red Cloud Mine Reprise February 2022

The Red Cloud Mine is one of the best localities for wulfenite and one of the premier localities of the world to boot! (in my […]
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Recent Activities -Keuhl Lake

The old Keuhl Lake Mine was actually a small mine that was worked for Zircon Crystals. I'm not sure what the original motivation was but […]
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Recent Activities -Titanite Hill, Tory Hill, Ontario, 2021

During 2021, Daniel Joyce and I visited Titanite Hill, as it is popularly known, on Gibson Road East, near Tory Hill. Early in the year, […]
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Recent Activities -Return to the Planet Mine, Winter, 2020

I've been to the Planet Mine before with Paul Wray, the Yukon miner, Yukon Rock Shop owner and rockhound extrordinaire. I did NOT find the […]
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Recent Activities -Return to Gibson Road East, Fall, 2020

Every Fall, a group of us descend on Gibson Road east to collect minerals. We go at it very hard and usually end up with […]
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Recent Activities -Return to Craigmont Corundum Mine!

Daniel and I decided to give the Craigmont Corundum Mine a shot. The last time I was there was 11 years ago with Ray McDougall […]
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Recent Activities -BBC Mine, La Paz County, Arizona

Recently, I visited the BBC Mine, near Bouse, in La Paz County, Arizona. The BBC Mine is also called the BCC Mine and I've heard […]
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Recent Activities -Red Cloud Mine Visit, February, 2020

The Red Cloud Mine is one of the most famous and recognizable mineral localities in the world. It is famous for the many iconic red […]
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Recent Activities -Total Wreck Mine Visit, January, 2020

I've always wanted to explore the Total Wreck Mine. Which is fairly close to my Arizona home. The opportunity came when a mindat acquaintance, Chris […]
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Recent Activities -Safford, Arizona Trip

In mid-March of 2019, I went on a collecting trip with friends Joe and Jinette D'Oliveira from Sudbury, Ontario. They spend a significant amount of […]
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Recent Activities -Keweenaw Week

During August, 2018, I had the opportunity to go on a field trip of the Walker Mineralogical Club that was tied in with "Keweenaw Week", […]
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Recent Activities -Keweenaw, Copper Harbour Iron Manganese Mine

After the Keweenaw Week copper collecting activities, Dr. Chris Stefano was kind enough to escort members of the Walker Mineralogical Club to the old Manganese […]
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Recent Activities -Dog Lake, Collecting Diopside

During July, 2018 the Walker Mineralogical Club went on a field trip to Dog Lake, near Battersea, north of Kingston, OntarioThe goal was to find […]
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Recent Activities -Alice Mine Visit, California

This past April, my friend Paul Wray, of Quartzite/Whitehorse, and I visited the Alice Mine, Riverside County, just north of Blythe, CA. Paul and his […]
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Recent Activities -Nova Scotia, Spring, 2016

Ray McDougall and I made a trip to Nova Scotia recently to meet up with some of our collecting buddies there and try and find […]
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Recent Activities -Flamboro Quarry, June, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to visit and collect a the wonderful Flamboro Quarry. The Flamboro operating management do not allow collectors into the quarry […]
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Recent Activities -Trip to Poland, July, 2014

As you may know, I recently released a CD recording of mineral collecting and mining songs called "Nuggets and High Grade". As a result, I […]
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Recent Activities -Planet Mine, Arizona

Every January-February, I head to the big Mineral Show at Tucson Arizona in search of unique specimens for my minerals business and to meet other […]
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Recent Activities -Silver Crater Mine Collecting

During October, 2012, Michal Adamowicz, Andrew Johns and I visited the Silver Crater Mine near Bancroft, Ontario. My two collecting companions have been into the […]
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Recent Activities, Fall Colours !

Recent Activities, Fall Colours ! We are lucky to live in a part of the world where, in the early Fall season, the green leaves, […]
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Recent Activities -Antimony Mine, West Gore, Hants Co., Nova Scotia

The Antimony Mine near West Gore, started operations in 1884 and operated off and on until 1917. Antimony was mined and shipped to Wales for […]
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Recent Activities -Collecting Zeolites in Nova Scotia

Recent Activities -Collecting Zeolites in Nova Scotia During May, 2012, I visited the Bay of Fundy area to collect minerals. The trip was actually a […]
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Recent Activities -Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, 2012 -A Little Bit of It!

Here are a few images from my recent trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. I did not take a lot of pictures but […]
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Recent Activities -A vist to the Milan Museum of Natural History

The Milan Museum of Natural History or "Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano" as it is properly known in Italian is a beautiful old […]
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Recent Activities -Michael Bainbridge Comes to Visit!

I've known Michael Bainbridge for many years but somehow he had never been to my home or had a look at my collection. We had […]
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Recent Activities -Ecole des Mines, Paris, France

The Ecole des Mines is a famous school of mines and, over the years, has acumulated a wonderful mineral collection. While in Paris, recently, I […]
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Recent Activities -Craigmont Corundum Mine

This fall, I visited the old Mine at Craigmont, Ontario, with my collecting partner Raymond McDougall, in an attempt to collect curundum crystals. Hopefully, we'd […]
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Recent Activities -A visit to Kongsberg, Norway

In 1996, I was fortunate to attend a conference on mining in the Arctic in Svalbard, Norway. On the way back from Svalbard, I stopped […]
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Recent Activities -Cobalt, October, 2010 Trip

I try to visit Cobalt a couple of times a year, at least. This year, I had just a short visit in September and then […]
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Recent Activities -Tucson, 2010

A few weeks ago, I made the annual pilgrimage to Tucson for the "Gem and Mineral Show". In fact there are several dozen shows, mostly […]
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Recent Activities -Whitehorse Area, Yukon Territory Visit

Carol and I made a trip to the Yukon Territory in late May, 2010. What a beautiful place! We saw only a small portion of […]
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Recent Activities -Collecting Corundum at the Logan Cuts

The Walker Mineralogical Club, of which I am a member, is active in organizing field trips. One of the field trips this past year was […]
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Recent Activities -British Columbia Collecting, 2009

Last Summer, I went to British Columbia (BC), to collect quartz crystals at Foley Peak with Lloyd Twaites and Dave van Dieren. Unfortunately, the weather […]
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Recent Activities -Collecting at the Lost Mine, Eganville, Ontario

The "Lost Mine" is a calcite vein-dyke locality in the vicinity of the Smart and Meany Mines, close to Lake Clear. This calcite vein-dyke locality […]
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Recent Activities -ROM Mineral Gallery

Finally, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in partnership with Teck Corporation, the large, Canadian mining company, has opened the Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth's Treasures. […]
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Recent Activities -Tucson Show, 2007

OK, so it is NOT so recent now!! Better late than never. While in Tucson, in February I tried to capture some images of some […]
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Recent Activities - Timmins and Cobalt Trip, October, 2006

Every once in a while, I head to the north country to talk to mining companies, to collect and to buy specimens. Last month, I […]
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Recent Activities -Aguathuna, Newfoundland Barite Locality

This isn't exactly a "Recent Activity" but I thought that you might like a look at the Aguathuna barite locality from a visit that I […]
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Recent Activities -Rogers Mine-Marmora Mine-Ackerman Mine Field Trip

Recently, the Kitchener Waterloo Gem and Mineral Club undertook a field trip to the Madoc-Marmora area of Southern Ontario. We visited three localities and recovered […]
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Recent Activities - Summer, 2006 Trip to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is one of my favourite parts of Canada. Four out of the past five summers, I have spent at least one week in […]
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Recent Activities -July, 2005 and March and May, 2006 Trips to Red Lake

I have been to Balmertown twice, so far, in 2006. I always enjoy these trips, NOT just because I get to handle and prepare all […]
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Recent Activities -Tucson, 2006

This news is not as recent as I'd like but here are a few images of people and minerals from the Tucson Gem and Mineral […]
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Recent Activities -Collecting at the Bear Lake Diggings

Well this may not be a "recent" activity but since I have some decent photo's I thought I'd offer a glimpse into collecting at the […]
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Recent Activities -Collecting at the Lafarge Quarry, Clappison's Corners, Ontario

There is a limestone quarry near Dundas, Onrtario, actually closer to a crossroads called "Clappison's Corners" where I have been collecting since I was a […]
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Recent Activities -Trip to Peru

Late last year, I went to Peru to buy minerals and to see some of the wonderful sights that Peru is famous for. I was […]
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Recent Activities -Collecting Howlite Crystals, Iona, Cape Breton Island

Years ago, I purchased the mineral collection of Peter Von Bitter, of Toronto, Ontario. There were some very nice crystals of a clourless mineral that […]
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