AGS Vein, St. Lawrence, Burin, NFLD, Canada
Size: 8.1x4.0x2.9 cm
Largest crystal size: 13 mm
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Zoned hematite-included fluorite cubes on rhyolite matrix. The cubic faces show composite growth in the middle of the face, tending to smooth sharp faces at the edges. The specimen is highly lustrous and the faces shimmer like wild. The specimen comes from the Canada Fluorspar Inc. Mine, which was, until recently, mining a fluorite vein in a cluster of fluorite veins that have been mined on and off for decades.  The company identified a significant fluorite bearing structure hosted in the meta-sediments which has been intruded by rhyolite sills and dykes. The Mine is currently closed and it may open again, sometime in the future.

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