Silver Crater Mine
Faraday Township, Hastings County
Size: 3.6x0.9x1.0 cm
Largest crystal size: as above mm
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The Silver Crater Mine is one of the classic localities of the Grenville Geological Province. It is the only "calcite vein-dyke" that scientists consider a true carbonatite. Very few good specimens have come out of this location in the past couple of decades. It has become difficult to access and it is "picked over". This crystal is a great representative of what could be collected at the Silver Crated Mine back in the 1960s and 70s. It is a doubly terminated crystal with that characteristic brownish colour that, unmistakably, marks it as a zircon from this locality. It has a painted label on the base of the crystal that identifies it as being collected in 1961 at the Silver Crater Mine. Superb!

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