La Rose Mine, Coleman Twp., Ontario
Size: 13.2x7.1x5.2 cm


Sawn on one side and rough on the other, this rich sample of high grade material comes from the famous La Rose Mine. The massive open cuts that produced this material are still visible on the cliff faces in the north end of cobalt.  The mine was named after the blacksmith Fred LaRose who discovered the veins in the summer of 1903. The mine named after him went on to produce over 26 million oz. of silver and 1 million lbs of cobalt.

"The story seems unlikely, but because it is such a good tale it has become widely publicized as part of the folklore that distinguishes this community. The stocky smithy, working at his forge one evening, noted a red fox snooping about the camp. Letting fly his hammer he missed the animal but cracked off a piece of rock, exposing the glitter of silver. Irrespective of the means of obtaining the sample, its reality is unquestionable as it yielded the LaRose [sic] mine." [Grice (1989), page 87]

All prices in Canadian dollars. For payment in US$, deduct 25% or multiply by 0.75.

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