Reedmergerite, Hyaloteckite, etc.

Darai-Piez Alkaline Massif
Alaysidy Range
South Tien-Shan Mountains
Size: 7.0x6.1x5.8 cm
Largest crystal size: 45mm cleavages mm
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An unusual piece! It is mostly broad cleavages of pure reedmergerite ,associated with eudyalite and other minerals. As well, fluorescence will show blue veinlets which are hyaloteckite. There is also bright green fluorescence caused by uranium in some of the reedmergerite, although not part of the mineralogical composition. Interesting and unusual assemblage! reedmergerite analysed by EDS.

All prices in Canadian dollars. For payment in US$, deduct 25% or multiply by 0.75.

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