Pfitsch, South-Tyrol
Size: 5.3x5.1x4.3 cm


Sample of quartz from the antique collection of Giuseppe Garbari. This collection dates between 1890-1910. The specimen shows a single quartz crystal. This is a floater that featuring a very odd growth habit.

“Giuseppe Garbari was born in Trento (Italy) on 27 July 1863 and died in Florence on 6 June 1937. An eclectic character with numerous interests, he began collecting minerals (as well as stamps, old books, furniture and antiques) in the decade before the turn of the century, and then also dedicated himself to travel, hiking/mountaineering, mountain photography, to botany.
His collection consisted largely of notable specimens of Italian origin. It was sold in 1910 to Friedrich Krantz of Bonn (a well-known mineral trader of the time) and subsequently dispersed on the market. From Krantz's documentation it can be deduced that the Garbari collection must have been of considerable size and quality.”

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