Kerr Addison Mine, Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Size: 8.5x4.5x5.5 cm
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This specimen shows sparkling flakes of yellow gold on quartz, with occasional bits of pyrite, as well as feldspar, talc and telluride mineralizations. The label has the following note on it "5.44 Gm Au".

The specimen comes from the Kerr Addison Mine, a currently abandoned Canadian gold mine. However in 1960, the mine was the largest producer of gold in North America. Gold ore was initially discovered at the mine's location in the early 1900's by Anishnabai chief Ignace Tonené. European settlers stole Tonené's claim to the ore and started small-scale mining. Production was initially low, but increased from 1936 until its peak in 1960. The increase in global gold prices caused the mine to reopen from 1990 until 1996, by which time over 12 million ounces had been produced. (1)



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