Calcite, Dolomite, Quartz,

Marcil Quarry, Sainte Clotilde, Quebec
Size: 9.7x6.7x6.3 cm
Largest crystal size: 43 mm
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The Sainte-Clotilde quarry (formerly Marcil quarry) near the village of Sainte-Clotilde-De-Châteauguay in Montérégie, Québec, now unfortunately closed to collectors. The quarry operated between (1980-2008) in dolomitic limestone (Beekmantown formation). Superb calcite and quartz specimens were found in large cavities in the 1990s but the quarry was also known for the pyrite, chalcopyrite, anatase, sphalerite, barite and some secondary copper minerals as well.

Many specimens from there fluoresce nicely under UV. Usually, calcite from this deposit is at its best under longwave. On some specimens, including this one, the dolomite shows a very weak pink response under longwave. A good size, and displays beautifully! 

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