Killa Saifullah District, Balochistan
Size: 3.1x3.2x1.3 cm


Vivid yellow and white brucite beautifully grown with just a bit of grey matrix left on the specimen. It has bright yellow colour which is an amazing feature of brucite from this famous locale. The glorious yellow being a first for brucite, normally occurring as white, gray, light green, or light blue. Prior to the mid 2010s we never saw any brucite from Pakistan. The mineral forms in some very tightly constricted vein filings in this mountainous region. Occurring in small pockets, mined by hand, most specimens mined are white/grey and heavily contacted. Though the mineral is currently going through a brief period of being plentiful, supplies will run out over time, snag a nice yellow one up while they are still around.

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