2 Rang de l'Aigle, Montcerf, Quebec
Size: 2.6x2.6x0.6 cm
Largest crystal size: as above mm
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Hmmm Grenville titanite's are prized amongst local rockhounds and international collectors alike, but due to the tough environments they come from and the brittle nature of the crystals it can be difficult to get good, sharp crystals. Thankfully, this locality is known for producing these superb, lustrous, crystals with razor sharp edges! They appear black or dark brown, but put a light up to one and you'll see they are more of a maroon red colour. This piece has very minimal bruising near to the top, but doesn't distract much from the rest of its natural beauty. A very sharp floater.

All prices in Canadian dollars. For payment in US$, deduct 25% or multiply by 0.75.

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