Heulandite, Analcime, Chabazite

Glenmont, Nova Scotia
Size: 4.5x3.1x2.1 cm


Here's a sweet combo piece showcasing an aesthetic grouping of classic Bay of Fundy zeolites. I particularly like how well one can see the structure of the heulandite crystal.

Though overshadowed by the colossal Deccan basalts in India (discovered in the mid-1900s) the Bay of Fundy continues to boast wonderful zeolites, such as chabazite, gmelinite, analcime, natrolite, and thomsonite (which remain rare finds in India). Nova Scotia's enduring significance in the realm of zeolite mineralogy is further underscored by the continual exposure of new material due to the world's highest tides, ensuring its continued status as a top-tier zeolite locality.

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