Jeffrey Mine, Val des Sources (Asbestos), Quebec
Size: 5.0x3.9x3.0 cm
Largest crystal size: 3 mm


A nice vug of light peach to honey coloured, grossular crystals from this very famous locality and long closed mine. The crystals are simple dodecahedra, some with stria. Nice!

This specimen comes from the renowned and long-closed Jeffrey Mine in Val-des-Sources (formerly Asbestos), Quebec. The mine, an open-pit chrysotile asbestos site, measured approximately 2 km in diameter and reached a depth of 350 meters. Mining operations began in 1879, and in 1969, the pit's expansion necessitated the relocation of the adjacent town. However, global demand for asbestos plummeted in the 1980s due to the recognition of its carcinogenic properties and subsequent worldwide bans on its use as a building material. Financial resources were ultimately depleted in 2001, leading to the mine's closure and inactivity since then.


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