Quartz, Fluorite

Highway 17 roadcut (Rossport), Yesno Township, Thunder Bay Dist., Ontario
Size: 14.7x13.2x3.7 cm
Largest crystal size: 16 mm


This specimen features a sawn plate of semi-translucent dark purple fluorite cubes, beautifully accented with sparkly, oxide-tinted drusy quartz. The frosted cubes, up to 1.6 cm, form a showy and excellent large combination piece. It comes from the Highway 17 road cut near Rossport, Ontario, a locality no longer accessible. The area is underlain by an igneous complex of granite and pegmatite. The granite is intersected by numerous narrow pegmatite veins composed of quartz and coarse-grained feldspar. In the vicinity, numerous fluorite veins are found on the surfaces of joint planes as seams of purple fluorite cubes. These specimens were collected many years ago and this one features a great cluster of sharp cubes.

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