Beryl (var. Emerald)

Bay D'espoir Hwy., Great Gull Scheelite prospects, Great Gull Lake, Newfoundland
Size: 3.3x2.5x2.1 cm
Largest crystal size: 23 mm


Here's a single euhedral crystal of beryl attached to a piece of grey quartz. It is very pale green and somewhat iron-stained. The specimen comes from the Great Gull Scheelite prospects located on the Bay D’Espoir Highway in central Newfoundland, about 12.5 kilometers southwest of Great Gull Lake and 86 kilometers south of Bishop’s Falls.

According to an article in "Gems & Gemology" (Spring 2024, Vol. 60, No. 1), some of the crystals found at this locality have been identified as emerald:

"Prospectors Art Gardner and Terry Russell recently discovered concentrically zoned beryl in central Newfoundland, Canada, along the Bay D’Espoir Highway, and sent preliminary findings to GIA’s Carlsbad laboratory. The green rims of these beryls were often sufficiently green to be considered emerald. The outer rims were bright green or pale green, and the cores were very pale green or white (figures 1 and 2). Most zones had low transparency. They formed hexagonal columns at the 1–3 cm scale, associated with mica-quartz-feldspar veins and minor tourmaline, calcite, biotite, fluorite, pyrite, and arsenopyrite. Some stones were suitable for polishing and setting in jewelry, especially as cabochons. An individual specimen may have zones that fit into the definitions of emerald and white beryl, with the brighter greens at the rims."

Full report can be read here:

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