Ambrosia Lakes dist., McKinley Co., New Mexico
Size: 6.3x5.0x1.2 cm


"Yellow-green crust of rounded micro crystals on sandstone. Fluoresces bright yellow-green. Soluble in water. Purchased from Scott Williams Mineral Co., Scottsdale, Arizona, August 14, 1963"

This specimen has a particularly nice coating of the slightly radioactive mineral. *If international, please be sure your customs office will accept radioactive material before ordering. Surface shipping is normally okay, but sending radioactives through airports could cause problems. Always wise to contact us before ordering so we can figure out the best shipping method.


This specimen comes from the collection of Peter Tarassoff, a prominent figure in mineralogy, particularly known for his work at Mont Saint-Hilaire (MSH). His diligent collecting and examination efforts have led him to be the first to identify at least 35 species and discover 12 new species, not only at MSH but also at other alkaline localities. Dubbed the "Dean" of Mont Saint-Hilaire collectors, Peter was honoured with the naming of the new species petarasite in 1980. He has authored or co-authored numerous mineralogical articles and has been a member of the Mineralogical Association of Canada since 1964 and the Mineralogical Society of America for over 30 years. Additionally, Peter has volunteered at the Redpath Museum for the past 21 years. In recognition of his significant contributions to mineralogy, Dr. Peter Tarassoff was awarded the 2017 Pinch Medal by the Mineralogical Association of Canada.

Peter's dedication to systematic collecting, curating his collection, and maintaining an archive of detailed historical and scientific information has greatly benefited the mineral sciences community both in Canada and globally. All specimens from this collection come with the original P. Tarassoff collection label.

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