La Manche Mine, Placentia, Newfoundland
Size: 4.1x2.8x2.6 cm


This sample features a single lustrous, sparkling amethyst crystal from a recent 2018 discovery at a historic, long-closed lead mine near Placentia Bay in eastern Newfoundland. The crystals are richly coloured near the terminations and become lighter or colourless towards the prism, creating a striking visual contrast. Very nice!

According to Mindat, the mine was originally discovered in 1855 during the Telegraph Land Company's efforts to lay a trans-Atlantic cable. The mine began operations in 1857, and by 1873, approximately 3500 tons of galena were extracted, with mining continuing until 1887. A new shaft was sunk to a depth of 122 meters in the 1920s, but a dam break in 1929 flooded the mine, and subsequent market crashes led to its closure. This specimen is a fine example from this historically significant location.

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