Awards & Gifts

Recognition of service or contribution to a company or institution is important to the people who make the organization work. What better way to recognize people, in the minerals industries, than by a special award or gift that is directly linked to the industry that they are passionate about? This section exhibits awards and gifts suitable to people in the minerals/exploration/mining businesses. The awards are tasteful and special. Some of the awards and gifts are ready-made as you see them. Customization is possible with your personal selection of any specimen from my website, coupled with the right display unit, mounting and engraved plaque for your purposes. Choose the specimen that would be most meaningful to the recipient! If you'd like to supply a sample of rock, ore or core from your mine or prospect, I'd be glad to mount that in one of the display units. Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your ideas or specific needs for the perfect gift or award.

Sorry, This listing is currently empty. Please check back soon for new listings.
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